2017 –  13th Annual
North Regional Respiratory Care Conference
Wisconsin & Minnesota Societies for Respiratory Care


How do I receive my Continuing Respiratory Education Credits?


In order to receive CRCE’s, you must complete an evaluation at the conclusion of EACH session you attend and this is done on the Crowd Compass App which can be downloaded from your carriers App Store. Once downloaded, search for the NRRCC event. You will be prompted to log in prior to completing session evaluations.

To complete a session evaluation, go into the schedule area of the App, click on the presentation you attended and scroll down to where it says “survey.” You must complete that survey to receive a CRCE for attending that session. Please note: prior to each survey you must enter your AARC #, your first initial, and your last name. Your AARC number was printed on your name badge to ensure the number you enter is correct. If you enter the wrong number, you will not receive credit for attending.

We have a limited window to submit CRCE data to the AARC. For that reason, you have a limited window as well. You have until the end of the day on May 17th to complete your session evaluations. After May 17th, you will not be allowed to complete the required evaluations and then you will not receive CRCE’s for your attendance at this conference. All issues must be resolved by June 7th at the latest. No CRCE’s will be awarded after the June 7th date.

A roster of AARC members who attended the NRRCC will be submitted to the AARC by May 30th. Attendees will then receive an email with their CRCE certificate as soon as possible. Individuals who joined the AARC in conjunction with NRRCC  registration will receive their CRCEs after they receive their AARC member number. This process (for new members) will take approximately 30 days.

Connie Knipp

NRRCC Speaker Committee Co-Chair